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Welcome! My name is Andrew, and people also know me as Cat Dancer in creative contexts. Read what people say about me.

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An Exploration of Abundance

Who am I? How did this avatar evolve? Why do I give away hugs to people? This is my exploration of the abundance mindset.

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Awesome Hugs

I’ve given away thousands of hugs. Along the way I’ve learned a few things about how to give great hugs. ^_^

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Subjective Reality

Subjective reality is the realm of thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and intentions... and thinking these aren't “really real” leads people to be less effective than they could be.

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Loving a Survivor of Abuse

There are three evils that come from abuse: the original abuse itself, the lasting wounds, and the impact that these wounds have on current relationships.

While the first happened in the past and the second is often best helped with professional counseling, the third is something friends and lovers of a survivor can help with.

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Commanding Presence

How I enraged a man, and then managed not to get anyone hurt.

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Overcoming Jealousy in Open Relationships

Are you in or thinking about an open relationship? Do you have feelings of jealousy or are worried you might? This article is for you.

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Open Relationships and Choice

Does the idea of an open relationship seem overwhelming, such as perhaps you might have too many people expecting things of you? Here I talk about how open relationships are about choice.

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Consent is Sexy

Making an offer is the sexiest way to invite a connection.

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