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The Cat Dancer Performance

The Cat Dancer performance is an interactive, participatory improv expressing compassionate grace.

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I welcome invitations and suggestions of where to perform.

Typically about 1 in 15 people will want to interact in a performance, so it's good to be at an event that has a larger number of people.

The interactive nature of the performance means that it needs to be an event where I’m mixing with the audience, instead of being separated on a stage. This also means that the venue needs to be not too crowded, as there needs to be enough space to move around.

I also want to avoid smokers, overly loud music, drunks, and abusive people.

Performance Rules

Participants may not be drunk, abusive, smoking, or aggressive. No consent violations (such as touching without permission) will be tolerated.

Teenagers (13+) may participate in the performance in public areas such as at an art festival or at a convention. Children younger than 13 must be accompanied by a parent.

Participation is always voluntary.

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